Q: Do I need to have my coupon(s) present at the time of purchase?
A: Yes. All coupons must be presented in-person at the time of purchase.

Q: Do I need to print-out my coupons?
A: No. You may present them on any mobile device.

Q: My coupon is expired. Is it still valid?
A: We honor the expiration date on all promotional offers. As such, all promotional value and/or items expire on the listed date.

Q: How many coupons do I need to print off for my group?
A: As long as the coupon or discount does not specifically say that it is for 1 person, then only 1 printed coupon is needed for the whole group.

Q: What is the benefit to purchasing a Groupon promotion?
A: Groupon promotions are limited-time offers allowing you to receive bonus items for a reduced rate.

Q: My Groupon offer has expired. Is it still valid?
A: The promotional items are no longer available. However, the amount you paid for the Groupon becomes credit to use towards your next mini-golf outing.

Q: May I use my expired Groupon credit for items other than golf?
A: No. Groupon credit may only be used on mini-golf admissions.



Q: Last week you were open earlier on weekdays. Why are you open later now?
A: Our hours change depending on the season or certain holidays, but are updated regularly on our website.

Q: How late can we start a game of golf or get a refreshment from the cafe?
A: The latest a game of golf can start or a food order can be placed is 45 minutes before the posted closing time.



Q: Are we allowed to bring outside food?
A: Outside food is permissible with Deluxe or Buy-Out packages. If any guest has food allergies, then outside food is permissible for that guest.

Q: Does every guest get to go into the Ticket Twister?
A: The Ticket Twister is reserved for the guest of honor, but each guest is guaranteed to receive a prize after playing in the arcade.

Q: Can I buy more tokens with my party package?
A: Yes. You may add them as an extra charge on your party bill or purchase them separately.

Q: Can I arrange for extra time in the party room?
A: Yes, but extra time slots are only available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Q: How far ahead should I reserve my party?
A: We typically need a minimum two weeks notice to secure a reservation.

Q: How much of a deposit is needed? Can I put down more than minimum?
A: $50 is needed to secure a date. You may certainly put down more, but we don’t suggest that as plans, dates or the number of guests that attend could change.

Q: Is my deposit refundable?
A: No. This deposit is used to secure labor to cover the party as well to secure the date and time slot.

Q: Can I change my reservation to another date?
A: Yes. We allow for a one-time rescheduling of a party without a loss of deposit. However, if a party is changed for a second time then a new deposit will be required.

Q: How will we be spending our time for the 2-hour party?
A: First, we have the guests golf for the first hour. Second, they will be brought back into the party room for 30 minutes where they may dine and open presents. Lastly, the last half hour is spent in the arcade where each guest may play games and select a prize.

Q: How many people can fit into the party room?
A: The party room can accommodate 35 people.

Q: Can I customize my pizza order?
A: Our pizzas are premade with single toppings for efficiency. As such, they cannot be customized.



Q: How scary is it?
A: Our actors will do their very best to frighten you. As such, we do not recommend this experience for children under the age of 10, people who are pregnant or people with heart conditions.

Q: Do the zombies touch you?
A: Our actors do not touch our guests. However, our guests may also not touch the actors.

Q: Can we choose not to participate in the zombie invasion for mini golf game?
A: We understand that this attraction is not for everyone. However, during the hours of 6pm to closing time (Fridays and Saturdays in October), the golf course will be occupied by this attraction. Our earlier hours of operation will not feature this attraction and may be a better time to golf for those not wishing to participate.

Q: Is the Zombie Invasion a year-round attraction?
A: The Zombie Invasion is a limited-time attraction only running in October.

Q: Can I be a part of the Zombie Invasion?
A: We appreciate the help from committed actors and make-up artists who love to have fun. Visit our careers page in September through October to view paid positions for this seasonal event.



Q: What sort of food do you serve?
A: We serve snack foods such as ice cream ,Pepsi products, nachos, pizza, big hot pretzels and popcorn.

Q: My child has food allergies. Do you have options to accommodate dietary restrictions such as gluten free options?
A: Some of our food options do contain peanuts, eggs and/or gluten. Feel free to ask our staff for ingredient lists and how we may best serve you.

Q: Do you sell soft-serve or custard?
A: We only serve classic ice cream made from frozen and sweetened dairy cream.



Q: How large is course?
A: Our course is 18 holes.

Q: Is it indoors all year?
A: Yes. Our whole course is indoors year-round.

Q: Is this golf course handicap accessible?
A: Yes. Our course is accessible to most wheelchairs and strollers.

Q: How does the course glow?
A: Our course is illuminated with black-lights which allow the paints and textures to glow.

Q: My child is prone to seizures. Are there any bright or flashing lights?
A: Yes. We do not recommend our course to those who are prone to seizures or who have sensitivity to bright or flashing lights.

Q: Are there any rules for golf?
A: Yes. The rules are: No running, no full swings (or any reckless behavior) with golf clubs, no touching of the displays and no food or drink on the course. Violation of these rules can result in ejection from the course and the facility.

Q: How many people may golf in a group?
A: The limit is 4 people per group. If you have a group that exceeds 4 people, then your group will have to split itself into smaller groups. This is done to reduce traffic on the course so that long lines do not form.

Q: Is there ever a wait to get in?
A: There is sometimes a waiting list, but it rarely exceeds 15 minutes. Feel free to call to confirm if there is a waiting list.

Q: How do the 3D glasses work?
A: Our 3-D glasses utilize a color-based system called “Chromadepth” which is specially designed for use under blacklights.

Q: Do we get to keep our 3-D glasses?
A: Yes.

Q: Will my 3D glasses from the movie theater work in your course?
A: No. They are not compatible 3D types.



Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, checks and major credit cards (except American Express).

Q: Are there any restrictions on checks?
A: Checks must display the address and phone number of the account holder.

Q: Are there any refunds?

A: If you are not satisfied with your visit, please let a staff member know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Refunds are not given for arcade tokens, 3rd party promotions, party deposits or if an entire game of mini-golf has been played.


Q: Do you have an ATM on the premises?
A: No.

Q: Do you offer cash-back on purchases?
A: No. We cannot issue cash-back.



Q: Can you buy tokens with a credit card?
A: Yes. You can purchase tokens in $10 or $20 amounts at the front desk.

Q: What time does the arcade close?
A: The arcade will close promptly at the closing time listed for the day of your visit.

Q: How many tokens do the games take?
A: Games that issue prize tickets only cost 1 token to play. Games that do not issue tokens such air hockey or our crain games, will cost 2 or more tokens to play.

Q: What should I do if there is a problem with a game?
A: Please let an employee know about your problem right away. Most issues are very minor and can be corrected promptly. If we cannot correct the problem with a game then we will replace your tokens or tickets.

Q: The game I played did not give me the score or tickets I wanted. Why is that?
A: Please let an employee know of any problem. However, the game’s decision is final when it comes to scoring and how many tickets are issued. If we find that it is a mechanical error then we’ll correct the problem and issue the correct number of tickets or refund your tokens.


Q: Do your games take quarters?
A: No. Our games will only accept our arcade tokens. Inserting quarters into a game will likely result in the jamming of the coin mechanism or the possible breaking of parts. Quarters lost or used in this way will not be refunded.

Q: Can we save our tickets for another visit?
A: Yes. Please visit the front desk to receive a ticket voucher to use on your next visit. Tickets that are not redeemed with a voucher are not valid once you leave the facility.

Q: Do we have to count our own tickets?
A: No. Please bring your tickets to the front desk to have them counted by a member of our staff.



Q: We damaged something on the course. Do we have to pay for it?
A: Patrons are liable for any damage to our property that is a result of deliberate intent or negligence and must be paid for immediately. CCTV is used throughout our facility to record any acts of vandalism or misconduct.

Q: I accidently hit someone with my club. Am I responsible?
A: Our rules for golf safety are clearly stated. If our equipment is misused and results in injury, then we are not liable for said injury. CCTV is used throughout our facility to record any acts of vandalism or misconduct.

Q: An item of mine was taken during my visit. Who is responsible?
A: While it is a very rare occurrence, Space Golf is not liable for any lost or stolen items. We’ll do our best to help you recover your item. We suggest that valuables be kept on your person or in your vehicle.